Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rosenthal Vase- Rosemonde Nairac

I was extremely happy yesterday when I came across this vase at a Goodwill store that I had not bothered to visit for a couple of months.

It was one of those Saturdays when I had to nudge myself out the door. Time after time in recent months I had, I felt, wasted gas driving around to thrift stores to only come across the same old tired junk in place after place. There is however the awareness that this business is inherently random and to succeed you have to be consistent and forge ahead. Whenever I have come across a great find it has always taken me off-guard; coming out of the blue in a sense. The usual outcome is to find nothing. That becomes your default expectation. That's a good thing too because otherwise you would be constantly disappointed.

Back to this vase. It was starting to snow; did I really want to drive the extra 10 minutes to the far flung Goodwill to see more cheap brass lamps with pleated shades, old computer keyboards, shelves of clear glass florist's vases, worn teflon pans... yup, 95% of thrift store inventory. Luckily my instincts said, "go for it". After wandering up and down a few isles this beauty caught my eye. Standing proud in it's quality porcelain and striking colours I knew what it was. A mint, 12" Rosenthal Studio-Linie Vase.

In the 1950's Rosenthal and some other German porcelain manufacturers decided to take on modernizing the existing ceramics market. Looking beyond the conservative English ceramics and influenced by the Bauhaus Movement and Modernism, they hired designers such as Raymond Loewy who, from 1952-1961 designed dinnerware for the company.

In 1961 they introduced Studio-Linie and commissioned a series of world famous & influential designers to redefine the shape, form and decoration of it's porcelain. The slogan was and is, "Uniquely of Our Time" and allows for an ongoing definition of contemporary style. This vase looks to me to be from the early 1980's although I have not been able to officially date it.

I love the colours in this piece. Although I am not "a collector" I feel somewhat tempted to add to this vase and create a grouping with other Studio-Linie pieces. The generous white field creates an airiness that allows for combining additional vessels...

I will keep up the good search and hopefully serendipitously find another piece or two...


franklinmarshall said...
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Cherry Stone said...

Rosemonde is my second cousin, so I was thrilled to find this post! She is a wonderful artist and a fascinating and lovely person.